"...The minute I walked in the studio, I knew that great music would be created here. Ordinary became extraordinary and magical." -- DeMarco
Alpha Recording is the private, boutique studio of composer and producer Donald James Kehl. It has been professionally designed and built to have an extremely quiet noise floor, several isolated tracking rooms, and a highly accurate control room.

Please call or email for an appointment.
(480) 858-9632
Composition, Orchestration, & Arranging
Tracking, Mixing, & Mastering
Full Automation
Film, TV, Radio & Video Scoring
Songwriter Collaboration
Lyric & Vocal Coaching
Karaoke, Soloist, & Voice-Over Demos
Voice Over Scripting & Coaching
Full Orchestral & Song Notation
Music for Bodybuilders, Fitness
& Other Competitions

Audio Arsenal:

The Best Processors and Plug-Ins

HUGE Synth & Sample Libraries
Hardware Synths and Samplers
88 Key Weighted Keyboard
Killer Guitar Gear
Studio Musicians
Custom Drumkits