" He has mastered also the difficult art and craft of computer notation... and notated the score and parts for  Reflections, my twenty minute symphonic jazz piece, for its world premiere..."
Academy, Emmy & Ace Awards winning composer Fred Karlin     

From a simple lead sheet to full orchestral scores and parts, your music will look truly professional. We can create notation from MIDI files, hand written notation, or from audiotape or CD. Finale notation software, a blazing fast computer, and an 11”x17” high quality printer allow us to handle your project quickly.

The notation samples are the first pages of the score and of the violin part for Fred Karlin's piece called "Reflections." Fred has received an Academy Award, an Emmy, an Ace, and numerous nominations. He has also taught film composing at USC and AFI, and has authored the definitive book on film composing and film music called “On The Track”.

The score was 80 pages, over 600 measures, and could not be condensed to less than 35 staves.
I prepared the score and parts for the USC American Festival Jazz Orchestra world premiere which featured Tommy Newsom, Mike Melvoin, and Fred Karlin as soloists.

I also was privileged to create the Piano and choral score for "The Heritage Mass" by award winning composer Melanie McCoy for her European tour.

I created the notation for the song anthology book of Native American Indian chants, "Songs of the Earth & Animals", many lead sheets for numerous songwriters, as well as the scores for my own compositions and songs.