" In the mid-eighties, when most of us were content to utilize MIDI to create and perform dance tunes and film scores, Donald was already using the technology to compose and notate his own original symphonic compositions."   -- Academy, Emmy & Ace Awards winning composer Fred Karlin

From Conception to Completion, Alpha Recording has the experience and facilities to bring the inner vision of your music to life. With more than 30 years in composing and arranging in all styles, we offer original scoring for the concert stage, film and television, as well as corporate ads and video.

Composition Services:
Composition and song writing
MIDI and live arranging
Engineering, mixing, and mastering
Producing and project management
Creative and marketing consultation
Full notation services
My Audio Arsenal Includes:
1.5 Million+ Samples & Patches
60 CDs of Sound effects
The world’s best processors for mixing and mastering
Fully automated mixing.
Accurate, professionally designed control room
State-of-the-art, custom tuned monitors
Two tasteful, well used ears

The following excerpts are from selections composed, orchestrated and performed by Donald J. Kehl. Please click on the song title to hear the excerpt. Click download to purchase the song. ( This feature will be implemented soon.)
BROADWAY Come To Me (Male Solo) DOWNLOAD Pollard
  Come To Me (Duet) DOWNLOAD Pollard & Pacheco
ROCK Drifting DOWNLOAD Riches
  The Quest (End)    
  The Last Lion Overture (Opening) DOWNLOAD  
  The Last Lion Overture (End)    
  The Arctic Night    
  Passion Exalted DOWNLOAD
ANIMATION The Coolest Cat in Town DOWNLOAD  
  It’s All In How You See It DOWNLOAD Roehr & Bjorgan
  March of The Tritons DOWNLOAD  
FILM CUES Thoughts (A Japanese Haiku)    
  Acapulco Romance    
  Interlude in India